Me - Matthias


A lot of people on twitter, facebook, and my other social profiles are asking to know more about me. Honestly, I have been hesitant simply because I find it hard to talk about myself. As strange as that may sound coming from someone who strives to be in the entertainment industry, it's true (It doesn't count if you know me). So here goes...

I love design. Good design. Im not talking about when something looks 'kewl', I'm talking about when form follows function. Though on this site you might find a little of both, sometimes beauty trumps logic, and in those rare occurrences I might write about some silly product or movie that rests in this category. If so, forgive me. 

I love film, movies, talkies, whatever you want to call them. The art of writing a good story has always fascinated me. There are rules, but in the same thread, if you know them, you can break them, effectively rendering them useless. A good story knows no bounds of what the imagination can create, take for instance 'Harry Potter'. One woman came up with the entire idea, obviously with inspiration, but it's still quite interesting to think of that empire in such a humble manner. I've written many stories. Some of them you guys will see in future projects, some for my eyes only, but there are a lot more to come.

I am an Apple guy. Some of my friends even try to convince me to work for Apple because I know my way around their products so much. The reason I know their products so well? Good design. I really admire Apple for many reasons, the design of their products, the design of their marketing tactics, the design of their workflow. It all just works. I do not think that's arguable. Apple is one of the most profitable companies in the history of time.

Payphone Parody

Payphone Parody

"Wait a second Matthias, I thought that Payphone parody you did made fun of the iPhone". Yeah, it did to a certain extent. Really, it made fun of AT&T, which I have no quarrel taking jabs at. Their company is just one big money grab after the other. I thought a lot of people would connect with the parody, by how many of us experienced similar snafus with Autocorrect and shoddy service. 

Other things come along with being an Apple fan. Yes, I am an Appoholic. Although since I started my YouTube channel I haven't had as much time to peruse the App Store for goodies. In the future I'll let you know of my favorite Apps. That takes a little more of a thought process then just listing them out. I have to give you reasons, since... well, design is important to me.

I suppose this last section should be reserved for favorites. Favorites are hard, since we all go through phases in our life and tastes change. So I will try to list some favorites that I've had for a while, and that I think I might have for some time to come.

  • Food - A good old american burger. Cant beat it.
  • Book - What Makes Sammy Run (When I was a kid - The Redwall series - if you read them then you'll have more isight into my artist name - but thats for another post)
  • Color - Black (I don't care if it's not "a color"
  • Movie - Inception - Its a filmmakers film.
  • Artist - Steve Jobs
  • Music - Pah, I could never name a favorite
  • App - See music answer

This is really just a quick introduction to me. I have been thinking about starting a vlog channel, where I take you through the making of the videos, songs, techniques, tricks, and maybe some other interesting things that happen in my life. I'd like to see if people want to see that. So leave some comments below and let me know your thoughts. Don't forget to tell me your favorites!