I <3 Jailbreaking


So as a lot of you guys know, I am an Apple guy. I don't ALWAYS get their new gear when they release it but it's always temping. I do however, have the iPhone 5 and the iPad mini. One thing I love doing with these products is jailbreaking. For those of you who don't know what jailbreaking is, its the process of allowing third party software on to the phone that isn't sanctioned by Apple, such as tweaks and extensions that run system wide. Okay I'm boring you now, but let me show you the reasons I jailbreak with my favorite tweaks. 



The main reason I jailbreak is for Lockinfo. Its a tweak that puts notifications on the front of your screen. Yeah you already have notifications, but this gives you more options, such as marking emails as read, or deleting them without even opening your phone. Thats pretty handy.



This next tweak called Auxo allows you to do a lot of things. When you double click the home button, it brings up the multitasker, but now it looks a bit different. It gives you quick access to tweaks like turning on and off wifi, bluetooth, 3G, and flashlight. It also shows you an example of what the app looks like before you press it, instead of just the icon.  




Last but not least, BiteSMS. This is also super convenient to have cause it allows you to answer and send texts without leaving the app that you are in. So when it hit both volume buttons at the same time I get a little pop up that allows me to select a contact and then text them. Also when I receive a text message the popup allows me to click it and answer it then and there. This is what I call multitasking.

Those are some of my favorite tweaks when I jailbreak my iPhone and iPad. What are some of yours? If you are interested in this, then do a little research with google, there are a plethora of tutorials on how to jailbreak your iphone. Let me know how it goes!